High Definition: our best quality.


We print in offset in the 70x100 flat format. We have always used this technology, because we believe it best expresses the concept of “high definition”. According to the kind of work involved, we select the most appropriate screen rulings on the basis of the subjects to be reproduced and the kinds of paper that will be used. Ultimately, the work is “profiled” and managed with the instruments and professional capabilities at our disposal. We are attentive to details, the quality of materials, and the depth of colours: technology and professional know-how for the reproduction of reality on paper.


Small runs. Great possibilities.


The idea of digital printing that we wanted to propose had to reflect our wish to maintain the high definition of offset even when producing only a single copy. The technology we chose enables us to do this: we use inks instead of toner, thus ensuring small runs and infinite opportunities for personalization. Even for a single copy.


From paper to tablet.

Ongoing technological progress and our constant search for innovation have created new prospects for us. Thus, over the years we have developed capabilities that are complementary to printing, which remains our primary field of expertise: support for the management of services such as integrated communication, graphic planning, publishing services, and marketing solutions, all the way to devising instruments for the new digital media.

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